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Allow us to help you organise and plan a baby cake smash event to mark this occasion in style.

If are wondering what a cake smash is and how to arrange one, read on & find out what you will need for your baby’s unique celebration right here.

What is a Cake Smash?

A Cake Smash is an excellent way to capture special memories of your baby’s first birthday (or any birthday for that matter – be it your 21st or 60th or any year in between). The idea of a cake smash essentially is a fun and cute way to mark your baby’s birthday. It is pretty simple; all you do is to sit your baby in front of a beautiful first birthday cake and let them get all excited and messy!

How to Set up a Cake Smash

Photographing your baby’s cake smashing will provide you with some stunning photos & memories that you will treasure forever.  Perfecting your baby’s cake smash, where it looks like the baby has simply been let loose with a beautiful cake, & having loads of fun, takes some planning and plenty of attention to detail, here’s what you need to know:


Find the perfect location

Find an area of your home or garden (or better still contact us at Ramkiki – we have quite a few ideal spots that will work perfectly) that you can keep clean and clutter-free, as you don’t want laundry or anything strange showing in the background!


Pick your props

Choosing the props for your cake smash is as much fun as the smashing itself. Creating a theme and working with similar colours will help to create a cake smash photo with some serious WOW factors. Pretty flowers or balloons in shades of pink or blue are popular choices and look gorgeous as backdrops for the cake smash.  Prop that features your baby’s name, birth date, etc. can also be included – blackboards are a popular choice for this, but banners or bunting are equally effective.


Choose your cake

Choosing a beautifully decorated cake is essential (even if your baby is going to smash it to pieces as soon as they get the chance) Soft icing works best, as it not only looks great but the whole effect of it being squished has a fabulous visual impact in the photos. There are many different smash cake designs to choose from; some are elaborate and totally inspirational, and others simple and elegant choose one that works best with your props and theme


 Choose an outfit

So, now you have found the perfect cake, picked your props to perfection, and have decided on a location. The whole point of a cake smash is for your baby to get messy, but you still want them to look super cute.  Therefore, your next challenge is to find that adorable outfit for your little one to wear for the photoshoot.  Try to choose an outfit that works well with the colour scheme you are using for both your cake as well as the props you are using. as this will ensure that everything works well together on the day.


Have a trial run

A rehearsal of the cake smash should help prevent your baby from being overwhelmed on the day and it will also help you to see what works well (or not)


Ready, Steady, Cake Smash

Don’t forget that baby cake smashes are all about having fun, so remember to enjoy it, relax and embrace all that mess! If you don’t feel confident taking the photos yourself, arrange for a professional photographer for your baby’s cake smash shoot.


What a unique way to celebrate your little one’s 1st birthday – with a visit to Ramkiki! You will be making so many wonderful memories. There’s no more iconic way than to celebrate the first birthday with a smash cake, and tons of photos to remember the day! Ramkiki will make sure everything runs smoothly and will be the perfect backdrop for your unique celebration

We hope these suggestions help you to create the most magical birthday party ever for your little one. If you were to do a smash cake, Ramkiki, will be a great location for your celebration

Our party planners are available to assist you in planning your exceptional event whether it’s a cake smash, fabulous high tea, sumptuous buffet lunch, or formal lavish dinner. Ramkiki certainly is the perfect place to celebrate.

Get in touch and let's conceptualise your perfect day!

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