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The most important and very exciting tasks in planning a wedding is choosing the venue and you don’t want your emotions to get in the way of making a great decision.

To help you on your way, we have put together a wedding venue tour checklist, with questions to ask and things to do to help you make the most of your visit and find the site that’s just right for you.

Things to do prior to your visits

A little preparation on your part before you go on a site visit will help you get so much more from the time you spend on your visits.

  • You will want to be able to share the venue information you’ve gathered with the rest of your family so plan to bring your camera or phone so that you can take as many pictures of the space as you like. Make sure you get photos of the exterior and interior from several angles (and even some up-close shots of details) These photos, of each venue you have visited, will be helpful later to help you choose and make comparisons.
  • Have a note pad handy to take notes on or use your phone, remember to include your impression of the venue, the staff and how well they communicated with you.
  • if at all possible, try to schedule your site visits for the same general time of day you are planning to hosting your wedding this way you will be able to gauge what the venue will appear like on the day of your wedding
  • Be prepared by having the list of questions below on hand!

Questions to ask at the wedding venue

In addition to questions about your specific needs, ask these questions relevant to your requirements, on each site visit:

  • Who would my contact be at the venue? May I meet him or her?
  • What are your hours of operation?
  • How many guests can you accommodate in the venue?
  • Is free parking available for my guests? How many spaces are available?
  • How many outside vendor teams can you accommodate?
  • Are these costs included in the rental fee?
  • Furniture
  • Equipment (such as audio/video if required))
  • Table linens – colours
  • Set up and breakdown (what times)
  • Venue service staff
  • On-site security
  • What are your upfront fees and which are non-refundable?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Does your estimate include gratuities, overtime charges or other costs?
  • Can I bring my own caterer?
  • Can I have examples of your wedding menus & are these menus inter-changeable?
  • Do you cater for specific dietary requirements?
  • What is your policy on serving alcohol?
  • Can we arrange for a cash bar?
  • Do you charge a corkage fee if you don’t have our specific wines in stock?
  • Does your facility have free Wi-Fi?
  • Do you require insurance?
  • How early can we begin setting up for our event?
  • Is there a time limit for us to use the facilities?
  • Do you have staff on hand to accept deliveries prior to the event?
  • Are there restrictions or limitations on decorations?
  • Will your staff be on hand to help with decoration set-up
  • Do you have accommodation on site and how many rooms do you have?
  • Can we make a group booking for guests?
  • What accommodations do you have for guests with special accessibility needs?
  • Do you have any vendors I am required to use?
  • Do you have private dressing areas, restrooms and other spaces for wedding parties to get ready?
  • Is a honeymoon suite included in your rates?
  • Who is responsible for various clean-up tasks?

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